Weekly Class Schedule Template Excel

Looking for school or class schedule (Timetable) template? We have a printable template in excel/word in Google spreadsheet (Google Doc) and simple Excel format. We have also a Custom template available on request only.

The class schedule or timetable term is usually used for academic classes. However, the term can be used for any type, of course, such as workout course, badminton training sessions, etc.

  1. Weekly Basis template format (Excel)
  2. Google DOC based template available
  3. Training Period to special course based template
  4. Class 1 to 10
  5. Customization available on request

Why the class schedule is so important to use? To answer this question, a basic understanding of the schedule is necessary. Like what are schedules, and why schedules are used to achieve the goals?



Printable Class Schedule Template

Scheduling something means the reservation of the time and venue for a particular activity. Scheduling is time management used to maximize time productivity.

  1. Therefore, schedules are important to define in terms of its relevance, audience, jargon, importance, information, and time.
  2. Furthermore, there are several techniques used for effective scheduling of the activities to achieve the set goas.
  3. A few of the most common ones include wanderlust, rescue time, Todoist, management by processes, remember the milk, and getting things done (GTD).

So, the class schedules templates are used daily to plan different classes. The most common daily life templates include daily or weekly class schedules for school, evening fitness class schedule or weekly sports club class schedule template.


Types of Weekly Class Schedule Template:

There can be several types of class schedules depending on the time frame, targeted audience, and activity. Even the several variances of  templates can be created for a single activity.

Weekly Semester Based Template

Class schedule for semesters, weekly class template, institute class schedule and teacher wise class schedules are most commonly used in the academic discipline. These class schedules are almost the same and include a similar type of information.

However, these templates target a different audience and time frames.

How to make a Class Schedule Template in Excel?

The class schedule can be developed using most of the MS Office tools such as Excel and Word. However, it is easier to develop it using the Excel spreadsheet. As the Excel spreadsheet tools provide better and easy control on the tabular sheets.

Quick Editing

Furthermore, many readymade weekly class schedule templates are available on the internet to use after customization. These templates are always developed in Excel for quick and easy editing.

Templates (Components)

Template keeps the information segregated for semesters, theoretical classes, labs, credit and contact hours, instructor name, name of the classroom, and time plan.

Once the above-mentioned information about a particular class has been collected. The class schedule maker Excel template can be used to edit the data for customization.

Body of Template Designing

The template usually contains a clear title to highlight the targeted audience. Like the Mechanical Engineering Department Schedule or class schedule of junior or senior students.



A simplified format of the class schedule is developed on a time and day basis. The horizontal head of the table marks the day while the time slots for lectures are marked over the vertical head.

The cells are used to write the details of the class and instructor. One can simply draw a straight line towards both axes to see that the class of particular subject is going to commence on which day and on what time slot.

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