Student Weekly Class Schedule Template

Are you looking for some kind of weekly printable class schedule template? Recently we upload some pretty or standard time-table based schedule templates for offices and class. You can also manage these templates for other businesses like IT, call center, and general employee scheduling.

Student class scheduling plays an important role. Through it, students and teachers get all information about the curriculum of their days, weeks, months, and years. And also know about the daily classes, what time the class will be today, and what will be taught in the class. Through this class schedule template, the student and teachers can manage their everyday routines.

  1. Weekly basis Class Schedule for U.K, USA, and Australia Pattern
  2. Printable + Editable Section for holidays and other NOTE section
  3. Editable Time-table according to year 2020
  4. Format in XLS and DOC
  5. Ask for customization of any template
  6. Check Teacher day plan template

Via scheduling, no one can forget their classes. You can also track your weekly and monthly exams and annual exams, presentations, quizzes, assignment history, and group study, etc. This is a perfect and authentic way to keep itself prepare for each examination. It is a very authentic and useful resource.


Types of Weekly Class Scheduling Template

The student class schedule template is a very useful tool. Through this time table, students can set or manage their curriculum goals. Through this schedule, the student has all information about tests and exams.

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The list of the curriculum is developed by the schedule that students study for exam preparations. According to this schedule, they or students could not miss anything of the whole curriculum. This template provides guidance directly to students.

High School Schedule Template

Let’s check out first, high school, or class timetable schedule template. You have to make sure about these features in your template before downloading this template. The student’s schedule template has so many benefits. Some advantages are as follows:

  1. It built a good rhythm in the construction schedule students.
  2. It can save long-long timetable students of students.
  3. Students can check or track their assignments and presentation deadlines.
  4. How much the curriculum covered before examines and how much rest remains the record.
  5. Students know easily their curriculum without any problem.
  6. This schedule decreases the stress level of students and makes them confident or comfortable.
  7. Through this scheduling template, students set their important goals and pay more attention to them.
  8. In this template you can save the content received you every day in your lectures during class.
  9. You can also use your saved content and you can also get benefit from this information.
  10. This guide is the best source of time management and you can finish your work on time.

School Time Table Format in Word

The same template with DOC format is available for you. You just need to print this template after making some changes. There are many types of time tables. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Class-period wise timetable
  2. Subject wise timetable
  3. Test timetable
  4. Monthly, mid-term timetable
  5. Annual exams timetable
  6. Curriculum activities timetable
  7. Games timetable
  8. Online classes timetable

Classroom Daily Schedule Template

Daily scheduling with 8 periods to 4*4 timetable of college is also available to download. The student schedule features are the following:

  1. Start time
  2. Date
  3. Day
  4. Location
  5. Lectures name
  6. Subject name
  7. Teachers name
  8. Group study
  9. Time interval
  10. Day off time

Cute Class Timetable Template

These schedule template for nursery and pre-school students. The student class schedule template can provide a proper content list or information about student classes. It can also keep track of student’s exams date, day, and time.Weekly Schedule Template


This schedule template records weekly, monthly, and annual classes system. This template is the most useful tool used at school, college, and universities. You can find many kinds of student templates on the internet. You can download it free.

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