T-Shirt Order Form Template Excel

T-shirt order is a major feature of business of online clothing or factories which are expert in the design specification. In this post, we will discuss T-Shirt order form template in excel format.

The purchase order form template is issued by these businesses to receive t-shirts before they run out of it. Information related to t-shirts is available in the purchase order.

Imagine yourself as an owner of a business that is growing and developing becoming a choice of most customers in the market or are you a person dealing with clothing business? Businesses maintain inventory in such a way to prevent stock out of a certain item.

T-Shirt Purchase Order Form Template

Let’s check some quick features of T-Shirt Order form, you can record each data of new design through this template. Easy customer tracking and stock tracking also.





  1. Stock maintenance in a way that reduces holding cost as well as prevention of stock out is necessary for business.
  2. Stock out of certain items means less business for the business as customers are unable to buy it.
  3. It also increases the likelihood that customers will turn to another brand due to the non-availability of the shirt.
  4. In the case of online business, he may start buying from another website.
  5. It is an effective process of maintaining and organizing expenses as well.
  6. Purchase orders worked as recorded documents which prevent any confusion overpayment later.
  7. Buying raw material or products is a major expense of business therefore it prevents disputes between suppliers and purchasers.
  8. Check out sample T-shirt form template
  9. Accounts can be managed more accurately.
  10. Market trends can be monitored.

Content of order form template

How you can create this template in no time? Just follow these steps and you can create any inventory or tracking sheet in no time.

Quantity ordered

The decision regarding quantity order is beneficial in reducing expenses. In case of more quantity ordered help in receiving discounts which is considered as income, however, buying much more quantity means increasing holding costs. Therefore better decisions should be taken.


The size needed it should be mentioned as shirts are available in different sizes like small, medium, and large. However, shirts of extra-large size or shirts for kids can be mentioned more specifically. Color should also be identified.


Quality of cloth is very important as customers make the buying decision by monitoring quality. In the case of online ordering, it can make the customer permanent with you or can turn the customer away.

Shipment and Cash details

Delivery details should be mention sometime especially when net cost payable also includes the cost of shipment. Check out some cash book format for daily record management. It is sometimes bear by the purchases and sometimes by the supplier. The net amount should be mentioned at the end.

Microsoft Excel Template for T-shirt ordering

Online ordering is nowadays common in most businesses due to the extra benefits it offers. It provides an instant overview to store manager as well as the owner of the business that how much stock is being ordered and the cash they need to pay.

They can view the terms of return more clearly to reduce the risk of loss to them as well as preventing any disputes later. It is more useful as it can be kept by both supplier and purchaser and in case of any confusion, it can be matched.



It saves time as invoices and orders can be sent directly through email without waiting for a couple of days to reach them to another party.

They will reach instantly to another party. A basic order form in word consists of company name on top and name and contact details. It also shows exact information related to t-shirts ordered like color size and quality. The mode of payment is also mentioned on the purchase order.

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