Daily Cleaning Schedule Template

A cleaning schedule template is a tool that allows you to get your work on time. In this post, you can upload different types of cleaning templates in different formats of MS excel and DOC. Different types of templates are available on request.

You can ensure that the work is done on time and avoid any type of difficulty. Through this cleaning template, you can do all your cleaning work on time. Just like the maintenance schedule template, this template exact create through the same principle.

It can be used in the following places such as restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, academies, resorts even in houses, and private kitchens.

  1. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Cleaning Template
  2. Housekeeping, Hotel and restaurants template
  3. Office cleaning checklist template
  4. Commercial/residential cleaning template (XLSX/DOC/PDF)
  5. Ask for more customization

For example, if you are working in your workplace kitchen, prepare a list with this template, and working according to the sorted list will not leave any of your work behind and will not waste your time.


Download (XLSX)


Download (XLSX-2)

You can easily finish your work on time by doing one thing after another. In short through this template, you can complete your every type of cleaning task or work done on time very smoothly.

Types of Cleaning Schedule Template

Before going to main types, let’s discuss first some key points about this template. Here are some points on why we use it and how:

  1. It gave us guidance on what to do next.
  2. You can also customize this template based on the task assigned you.
  3. Daily, weekly or monthly cleaning can be done on time with the help of these cleaning schedules templates.
  4. Through this template, you will ensure that all your work is done on time.
  5. This template will help you a lot
  6. This template reduces your working error ratio and saves your time.
  7. Through this cleaning schedule template, you can guide or monitor your stuff
  8. If you do not have a plan for you work, you will not be able to do your work on time and you will face many types of difficulties
  9. You can keep eye on your cleaning work or tasks
  10. Take feedback and work on its modifications

House Cleaning Schedule Template

Download the house cleaning template in a different format of Excel and DOC. The complete checklist of cleaning template is ready to custom or you.

Hourly Cleaning Template

Check out the hourly schedule template of cleaning. A checklist of hourly scheduling template is available in excel & word format.

Commercial Cleaning Scheduling

Simple or professionals commercial cleaning template (Customize, editable).

Features of Cleaning Schedule Template

Every template has its own features, but mainly are;

  • The features of this product will help you a lot.
  • Locations to be cleaned.
  • Products used for cleaning.
  • Assign duties to the staff members.
  • Facility cleaning
  • Daily cleaning duties
  • Weekly cleaning duties
  • Monthly cleaning duties
  • Cleaning checklist
  • Observation checklist
  • Guest room checklist
  • Description of services
  • Frequency of services
  • Reliable cleaning service
  • Total labor
  • Terms of services
  • Acceptance of proposal
  • Get feedback

Example -:- Home Cleaning Schedule Template

This is a template for cleaning the house on time:


Download PDF


It makes it very easy for you to schedule your daily and weekly and monthly tasks in a template and set a time for each of your tasks so that you know what to do each day.

You know what to do once a week and what to do once a month. You will different types of such templates on the internet. You will definitely like this template.

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