Maintenance Schedule Template Excel

Looking for Maintenance schedule template? Printable sample of MS Excel format is available for download. Maintenance is just a technique of checking, repairing, or replacing. It’s a complete branch of engineering that offers maintenance professionals for maintenance management.

So, the different types of maintenance strategies are followed for a different range of applications. However, almost all types of maintenance require prior planning and maintenance schedules for effectiveness. Thus, the maintenance schedule template excel is helpful for maintenance professionals.

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  2. Construction Maintenance Schedule to Weekly planned maintenance
  3. MS Excel (2007 to 2016)
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Maintenance Schedule Template Excel




The most common type of maintenance for daily life activities is reactive or breakdown maintenance. However, preventive maintenance is preferred over any other type in the industrial environment. It has several benefits over-reactive or breakdown maintenance.

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The preventive maintenance followed for industrial tools, equipment, and machinery requires proper planning. The planning includes everything that one should know beforehand. Also, arranging the resources required to perform maintenance is also important.

However, people mostly deal with the reactive maintenance for household and building renovation activities while preventive and reactive maintenance can be observed linking to personal vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

The manufacturing systems that don’t bear the loss of production or efficiency of equipment due to breakdown always make a maintenance schedule for general checklist inspection. Also, periodic changes of consumable parts are planned on the maintenance schedule of machines.

Equipment Maintenance Schedule Template

The use of a maintenance schedule template is very helpful for the maintenance team to implement the company maintenance strategy. It is the backbone of the preventive maintenance strategy.

So, a proper study of the machines and equipment maintenance schedule is required. So, the maintenance plans and general checklist inspections are scheduled keeping in view the life of consumable parts.

Also, if there are a lot of maintenance activities related to building maintenance. A maintenance plan helps to enlist all activities along with details of the inspection date, actions required, actions completion date, and allocated resources.

Office Maintenance Schedule Template:

There are different types of maintenance schedules for different maintenance tasks. It includes different sets of vital information to record. So, a very basic maintenance schedule is a checklist type maintenance schedule. It enlists all the functionally and structurally critical components to check.

The frequency for each check is mentioned. So, the inspector performs the checks as per the written instruction and note parameters. Then a comparison is made with the standard reading to see if it required to perform the maintenance task.

How to Create Maintenance Schedule in Excel Format?

Another maintenance schedule enlists all the tasks and records the data of checklist inspection date and required tasks. Further, actions required, actions completion date, and responsible person column are added to make this sheet helpful.

A maintenance schedule for a limited number of resources may contain very limited information such as the date of the last maintenance activity and the expected next date. The best example of this type of maintenance schedule is the vehicle oil change maintenance schedule.

That is one activity schedule listing the last date, meter reading, and next meter reading and date of an oil change. Further information about the mechanic shop, rate, and other surprise maintenance activities can be added.

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