Panel Schedule Template Excel

Looking for Panel schedule template for software, electrical company management? MS excel-base format (Monthly, Annually) download in printable format.

A panel schedule is an electrical design diagram that helps to electricians to display and understand the information regarding the connections and circuits of a panel. Thus, the use of a panel schedule template in electrical design applications is very common.

Also, electrical engineers consider the panel schedule as an essential part of the electrical design. So, it works as a medium of coordination to ensure the proper design and documentation.

  1. Electrical Wiring and Panel Schedules
  2. Single Column Panel Schedule
  3. Customize & printable panel schedule

Further, the panel schedule displays complete information about the panels and connected circuits. So, the panel schedule is always available with a panel diagram for many reasons. Thus, it helps the users to figure out the issues and troubleshoot it.

Key Features Panel Schedule Template:

There are a lot of panels involved with industrial machinery such as electrical and PLC panels. Similarly, a house electric panel also includes different breakers and circuits to control the house power system.

  1. Typically, the industrial panel includes a panel schedule pasted at the back of the panel.
  2. This panel schedule looks like a lot of words, lines, and numbers representing the information about panel connections.

Further, the panel schedule helps the electrician to understand which distribution board or breaker is connected to what? Also, the total load demand of the connections or circuits connected to the panel. So, the numbering or alphabetic nomenclature is used for proper identification of the circuits.

Panel Schedule Template Excel

Similarly, electrical design engineers use a panel schedule for overall load calculations. Also, the circuit design of the panel. It is important for the new panel and equally important troubleshooting of the panel.

Components of a Panel Schedule Excel:

There are several types of panel schedules such as single-phase, three-phase, residential, and industrial panel schedules. Although, some basic information is the same on all types of panel schedules. However, industrial and three-phase panel schedules have more information about the panel for many reasons.

Thus, a simple panel schedule includes the following information about the circuits and connection load:

  1. Circuit Number
  2. Circuit Board Size
  3. Circuit Description
  4. Circuit Load (VA)
  5. Wire Size
  6. Panel Ratings
  7. Panel Name and Location
  8. Phases and Breaker Ratings
  9. Total Demand Load (KVA or Amps)

Lighting Panel Schedule Template

However, a load calculation table can also be included in the residential& lighting panel schedule. All type of customizing template is available for Contact only.

It includes a breakup of total load demand in terms of lightening load, other loads, and HVAC load.

Electrical Panel Schedule Template

Electrical scheduling with the calendar (2020) with proper documentation in excel & word format.

How to create Panel Schedule in Excel?

The panel schedule is a design-related document created by electrical design engineers. It requires a good understanding of the circuits and circuit diagram. However, each circuit of the panel must be enlisted separately to calculate the total load demand of a panel.

A simple Panel Schedule Template Excel is a tabular document enlist the details about circuit description, circuit load, wire size, and others. Thus, the MS Excel tool is helpful in the creation of such schedules.

Also, MS Excel formulas help in calculations of circuit load, unit conversions, and total demand calculation of the panel.

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